Bags were packed to head to Czech Republic to bless and encourage our Ukrainian friends who are there, and also those who are in Kyiv! A small team of Trinity travelers departed on 9.23.2022 to bring med kits and textbooks to New Generation School to be used in both Nová Paka (Czechia) and Kyiv (Ukraine) to continue to minister to Ukrainians in both locations. Travelers included Tim and Heather Spedoske, as well as, Pastor Jack Magruder.

Photo above of Trinity Staff and team members with prepared packs to take (Brandon Hamilton, Angela Clark-Pohlod, Heather Spedoske and Anne Cody)!

Teachers at New Generation School in Kyiv were happy to receive hand-written cards from Trinity Church staff and volunteers encouraging them and thanking them for the difference they are making in the lives of the children and families they serve.

A teacher was out sick one of the days we were there, so our little US team got to be impromptu English and Science teachers for 1st and 2nd graders at New Generations School in Nová Paka, Czechia!

We had an amazing experience with three of our younger Ukrainian sisters:  Katya, Marushka and Alina.  Katya is married and has two daughters who are here with her in Czechia.  Her husband is a fisherman and is still back in Ukraine.  Marushka and Alina are cousins, and are amazing!  Marushka speaks 6 languages and is an English teacher at a school here in Nová Paka.  Alina is a Math and Ukrainian teacher at New Generation in Nová Paka.  These ladies drove us to a small mountain outside of town, had us hike with them to the top, and then served us a traditional Ukrainian meal that they spent a good deal of time making.  After dinner, Katya broke out her guitar and we had a chance to worship together under the stars overlooking the city before rain chased us off the mountain.  THESE SISTERS LOVE JESUS!  We were so floored by their testimonies of all that they have endured, all that they have kept in the midst of so much loss, and all that they are continuing to Trust God for as they wait for Him.  We laughed with them, prayed over them, sang with them, ate with them, and I can honestly say, learned so much from them.