Disaster and Crisis Response

In the last few weeks, there have been several significant events happening in our world. Whether it be the massive earthquake in Haiti, or the ongoing trauma in Afghanistan, perhaps you’ve wondered how to provide tangible help? Below are a few of our recommended avenues to offer your support.

World Relief

Trinity has had various connections with World Relief for many years. There are few Non-Governmental Organizations and Non-Profits we would trust more. They have clung to their roots and Mission as a Christian organization who reaches out to all, even when it cost them to do so.

Their team has proven to be leaders who are careful, patient, generous coaches, partners, friends, in many different environments. They are incredibly competent and continue to be our first organization of choice to partner with during a crisis.

Caribbean Children's Foundation's

Trinity has a staff member that has a direct relationship with an orphanage that is right at the epicenter of the disaster in Les Cayes, Haiti. They are able to be a lightning rod for both gathering and also distributing critical resources to those who need them most.

You can learn more about Caribbean Children’s Foundation and even donate here.