Daily devotionals

Daily devotionalsLent Devotions beginning February 14

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Engage with scripture and a gain a deeper understanding of the Do One Thing monthly focus by participating with the daily devotions. Each day will include Scripture meditation, devotional and prayer. The devotional videos will feature various people within the Trinity Family. You can engage with the content on our social media platforms, YouTube, or by opting to receive them daily by text or email. Sign-up below!

Beginning February 14, the start of the Lenten season, the Daily Devotionals will focus on preparing our hearts for Easter. We’ll take a look at what scripture says about sacrificial living and do a word study on “sacrifice.” Be sure to sign up for the Daily Devotionals and pick up a copy of the Lent Devotional book or download a copy to guide you through the 45 days prior to Easter.


Year Around Event (2024)(GMT-05:00)