Kingdom Advancement Grants (KAG) are a designated fund at Trinity Church specifically designed to fuel a process through which our global partners can request funds for specific new ministries and objectives to further their ministries. For going on 15 years, KAG has helped to launch new churches, drill wells, start feeding programs, build training centers, and train church planters. When you give above and beyond your Tithe to the KAG, it adds rocket fuel to the ministries of our brothers and sisters around the world and the ministries that God has called them to engage. Our KAG process opens in February of each year, and awards are announced each March/April, with reporting on those projects as they are completed throughout the year.


2024 marks the 15th year that Trinity Church has been able to make funds available for breakthrough Kingdom projects. 

These funds are primarily the result of the faithful weekend giving of Trinity attendees and are available via a Request for Proposal to Trinity’s global partners. These funds are also available to Trinity members actively involved in non-Trinity global witness.

Trinity provides multiple grants ranging from $2,500 to $50,000, depending upon fund availability. 


Priority will be given to strategic breakthrough proposals focusing on expanding the ministry footprint in partnership with Trinity attendees. Proposals that envision the Gospel being shared and demonstrated with unreached, unengaged, and marginalized groups will be prioritized.

The grants are not intended for maintaining ongoing projects; they are primarily intended to stimulate the direct ministry of our global partners at the point of fresh ministry visioning and launch.


There are several values in addition to the priorities above that guide the selection of proposals: 

  • People involvement: Trinity attendees, ministry leaders, partner church members, etc. 
  • Well-defined goals that reflect strategic missional thinking  
  • Local resources: matching funds, other organizational stakeholders, etc.
  • Results that can be achieved within 12-18 months, assuming that the entire project will be completed in that time

Grant Applicants, Géza and Ildikó Kovacs alongside Cullen and Sarah Menke, were awarded KAG funds for the construction of the Good News Café (Manna Kávézó) and Community Center to advance God’s kingdom in Tatárszentgyörgy, Hungary.

Various stages of the Kambusu Vocational Training Center construction. This space will allow for students to receive training for the market, both inside and outside of Kenya, in a variety of skilled labor areas, such as tailoring/sewing, knitting, housekeeping, training cooks, computer training, electrical, shoe making, and construction. This facility will also serve as a training center for pastors to learn theology and church planting.