Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is made up of elders, deacons, and staff members. Meet the people who passionately serve.

Council of Elders

Trinity is an elder led non-denominational Church. Our elders are biblically qualified servant-leaders, responsible for guiding and guarding the mission, vision, life, and doctrine of Trinity Church — all under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the true Head of the church. The Elders work closely with the church staff to fulfill these responsibilities. They also appoint Deacons to help meet material needs within the Trinity family and the local community.

Titus Awokuse
Mark Cody
Jason Crawford
Elliott Daniels
Ben Diaz
Larry James
Ron Kregel
Jack Magruder
Chris Pohlod
Jonathan Rene
Harry Rumohr
Alvin Smucker
Marvin Williams


Deacons are appointed by Trinity’s Council of Elders to serve the local church by providing compassionate care to the poor and needy. The Deacons accomplish this by utilizing other Trinity ministries, community resources, and the Deacons Assistance Fund. Other services available through the Deacons include the Car Ministry, food pantry, budget counseling, and the Widows Plus program. Both men and women can serve as Deacons and/or Deacon Ministry Assistants.

Fred Chasney
Jim Kostaroff
Mike Weller
Person Boettcher
Steve Kersten

Executive Team

The Executive Initiative Team provides overarching direction, leadership and resources for the achievement of Trinity Church’s mission and vision.

Marvin Williams
Lead Teaching Pastor
Jack Magruder
Lead Organizational Pastor

Gather Team

The Gather Initiative Team creates in-person and online opportunities that include both formal and informal environments for people to experience God and one another for the purpose of disciple making.

Ben Diaz
Strategic Leader
Andrea Maynard
Katie Kregel
Creative Team Leader
Bryan Theisen
Visual Media Team Leader

Go Team

The Go Initiative Team leads people to identify a local or global network, neighborhood or need where they are called to make disciples.

Jack Magruder
Lead Organizational Pastor
Angela Clark-Pohlod

Grow Team

The Grow Initiative Team trains and equips people through a personal transformation pathway for the purpose of disciple making.

Carolyn Kersten
Strategic Leader
Amy Brown
Team Leader &
Deacon Ministry Administrator
Ashley Post
Hospitality Team Leader
Jan Galloway
Resource Center
Christy Maniscalco
Celebrate Recovery Team Leader

NextGen Team

The NextGen Initiative Team leads and equips parents, students and children aged birth to 23 to experience transformation, connection, and mission as they take the next steps of disciple making.

Belinda Lund Bjarki
Strategic Leader
Ben Berndt
Student Ministry Director
Emmanuel Boateng
College-Age Director
Donna Berndt
Early Childhood Team Leader
Tammy Bowman 
Elementary Education Team Leader

Operations Team

The Operations Initiative Team creates, equips and supports the facilities, technologies, and infrastructure where disciple making happens.

Dave Maxey
Strategic Leader
Mike Weller
Admin & Finance Director
Ketrina Ruff
Associate Director
Elliott Hanvey
Technology Team Leader
Devin Rainey
Campus Safety Team Leader
Jill Johnson
Admin & Finance Administrator
Pat Crosby
Front Office Adminstrator
Terry Dunivon
Connie Walters
Chevelle Brandt
Facilities Administrator
Alina Troian